Pittsburgh outreach intentional to homeless


The Salvation Army seeks individuals in need, and offers assistance.

In Pittsburgh, The Salvation Army’s volunteers and employees seek out the city’s homeless population and coordinate the delivery of hot meals, hygiene supplies, clothing and blankets to the individuals at each location.

“This program, while still in its infantile stage, has had a tremendous impact on the homeless community,” said Michael Riemer, regional director for The Salvation Army Western Pennsylvania Division. “As we are building this program, we are working with [Salvation Army] social services to find housing for these individuals.”

While meeting these basic needs, the program also provides spiritual and emotional support from volunteers.

“Some of the homeless individuals we have encountered are just down on their luck,” Riemer said. “With the economic downturn in full effect, many have been unable to find work and have lost housing accommodations. While they are down on their luck, they are also down on their spirits. A smile, a hot meal, and a warm blanket really make the difference.”

Riemer says the next step to this program is offering some of these individuals life-changing drug and alcohol counseling at The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers.

He said, “We are always looking for more help so that we can expand our services.”


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