Photographers Sought for International Competition

Budding Salvation Army photographers have a unique opportunity to reach an international audience by entering the first All the World photography competition. The winning image and a selection of other entries will feature in a photo spread in the October-December issue of All the World and will also be shown in a special exhibition, titled ‘This is The Salvation Army’, held at International Headquarters in London.

Kevin Sims, Editor of All the World magazine, says: ‘We want people around the world to show us what The Salvation Army is where they live. Working on All the World magazine for more than a decade, I have seen that there are many aspects of the movement that would be familiar to all Salvationists but that some styles of worship and ministry are seen only in particular cultures or communities. A Salvationist from the USA attending worship in India, for instance, would see plenty that was familiar but also much that was unfamiliar.

‘This idea of the international Salvation Army being “the same but different” is something All the World seeks to address. But sometimes words are not enough.’

Photographers are encouraged to think imaginatively about their subject. Kevin says: ‘It may be an open-air meeting in Africa, a soup-run in Europe, a Salvation Army school in Asia, emergency response in Australasia or worship in the Americas. Feel free to be as creative as you want and don’t be afraid to use abstract images – a well-used songbook or the sunset reflecting off the crest on a Salvation Army building could have as much to say about The Salvation Army as more familiar images.’

As well as having the pleasure of seeing his or her photograph in print and featured in an exhibition, the winning photographer will receive a £100 Amazon voucher (or equivalent) and a copy of Voices from Haiti Vault, the spectacular full-colour coffee table book produced after the Haiti earthquake of 2010. Second- and third-prize-winners will receive a selection of books and audiobooks produced by International Headquarters.

Please send digital photographs to and printed copies to: All the World Photographic Competition, The Salvation Army, 101 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4EH, United Kingdom. Entries should include the name of the photographer and his or her location. For files larger than 10MB please send a smaller version and you will be contacted if a full-size image is needed. Unfortunately it is not possible to return printed photos. The closing date to receive entries is 15 August 2011.

The July–September 2011 issue of All the World is out now.


A ‘Joyful noise’ heard in Hawaii

A ‘Joyful noise’ heard in Hawaii

Homelani Music School welcomes 101 students this year

Nine-year-old collects clothing for The Salvation Army

Nine-year-old collects clothing for The Salvation Army

Sathya, a fourth-grade student in Scarborough, Ont

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