Participation Encouraged in Fasting/Prayer ’97

Through Fasting and Prayer ’97, God’s people will gather November 12-14 at special satellite sites all across the nation and in Dallas/Fort Worth, Tex., to humble themselves through fasting, prayer, seeking God’s face, and repenting of personal and national sins, and will intercede for national and world revival.

Co-sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ and Mission America, as many as 10,000 satellite sites will be set up to make the three-day fasting and prayer event accessible to believers around the country. Churches are encouraged to set up satellite feeds so entire congregations can be exposed to the disciplines of fasting and prayer en masse.

Fasting and Prayer ’97 will be broadcast by Sky Angel TV via the EchoStar DISH Network and by C-BAND to meeting sites around the country. Call (800) 360-9680 for information on setting up a satellite site.

For more information, call toll-free 1-888-FASTING (1-888-327-8464) or write:100 Sunport Lane, 2100, Orlando FL 32809.

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