New S.A. Eastern Music

The Salvation Army’s USA Eastern Territorial Music Department, working in conjunction with Egon Publishers Ltd. (UK), has finalized a recording project with one of the world’s foremost brass bands, the Williams Fairey Band.

The project features music from The Salvation Army’s American Band Journal (ABJ), conducting responsibilities being shared by Bandmaster James Williams, of Enfield Citadel Band fame, and the group’s resident musical director, James Gourlay.

The recording is scheduled for release at the 1998 Brass Band Championships of England, which takes place annually at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Highly acclaimed favorites to be recorded include, “The Heralds of Victory,” “Manhattan,” “American Rhapsody,” “The Reason,” “Hillcrest,” “Lord of all Hopefulness,” and “Heritage of Freedom,” to name a few. The recording itself occurred in May 1998, and is on the Doyen label.

The ABJ was introduced in 1948 under the direction of Commissioner Richard E. Holz. Well-known composers such as Steadman-Allen, Curnow, Graham, Downie, Leidzen, Broughton, Bulla and Holz, himself, have contributed to this popular series which has grown in its subscription and appeal over the past 50 years.

Available in October from Egon Publishers Ltd. and Salvation Army Supplies and purchasing everywhere!

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