National Media Blitz Designed To Stimulate Local Giving

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RED SHIELD–National media blitz features familiar red kettles.

Army Ad

By Robert Docter –

The National Commander, Commiss-ioner Robert A. Watson, working in conjunction with the four American Territories and the National Advisory Board, has triggered the development of a national Salvation Army awareness campaign to be set in motion just prior to the Christmas season–from November 6 to December 10.

“This campaign seeks both to increase the general public’s overall awareness of Salvation Army ministries and to create a knowledgeable and receptive environment for local and regional fund raising efforts,” Watson said.

Major Tom Jones, national community relations and development secretary, made it clear that the campaign will not result in a national fund raising effort. Appeals for funds will be made by and returned to local communities.

The campaign committee, under the direct chairmanship of National Advisory Board member Edsel Ford, requested presentations from five national advertising agencies, and selected Young and Rubicam of Detroit. Working without any cost to the Army, the agency has developed a series of radio spot announcements, a television spot, and a series of ads for use in various print media.

With $1 million raised with contributions of $200,000 from each of the four territories and the national office, the Army will buy time for the radio spots. Young and Rubicam will place the television spot on a number of cable channels, including CNN, without cost to the Army. These spots can also be obtained, and are available for placement on local stations by individual Army units. Both the radio and television spots feature the voice of Jack Lemmon. The Army’s traditional Christmas kettle is a key symbol in the campaign.

All of the major national magazines, USA Today and national trade journals will run the print ad at no expense to the Army.

Jones said: “It is our hope that the Red Shield Campaign will achieve its objectives by educating the nation on the wide variety of services funded by The Salvation Army and by providing detailed information about how donations are put to use.”

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