National CRD Conf. set for April 13-15

by Paul Curnow – 

“Issues and Answers” is the call to action for the National Community Relations and Development Conference to be held in Dallas, Tex., April 13–15, 2004.

The conference will focus on the multiple issues facing the Army in the raising of visibility, funding and people to help us meet our mission.

Nationally known speakers such as Marvin Olasky, Peggy Wehmeyer, James Johnson and Brian Gallagher will present in various plenary sessions. National Commander Commissioner W. Todd Bassett will address conference delegates at a plenary luncheon session.

Pre-conference intensive sessions will focus on the issues of advisory organizations; volunteer development; donor development; direct mail; public relations, marketing and media; and strategic planning.

The national conference, through two full days of workshops, will address the issues of ethics in the non-profit sector; the challenges of integrated marketing; media relations; and new think for development.

Both the pre-conference intensive sessions and the full conference sessions will be led by a variety of development and communication specialists from inside and outside the Army. The goal of every workshop is to provide concentrated training and hands-on materials for implementation in our local and divisional commands. “Best Practice” sessions will allow for networking and an exchange of ideas and events that are now successful.

Why such a conference now? With the recent downturn in the economy and a significant increase in the number of non-profits seeking support, the Army’s ability to raise visibility, funding and people has been impinged upon. “It is at such a time as this that our corps officers and development professionals need this kind of training. We must raise more money and have more people supporting our work if we are to fulfill the mission God has given us,” said Lt. Colonel Donald Bell, chief secretary.

If you would like to attend the National Community Relations and Development Conference, talk to your corps officer and work through your divisional headquarters to receive permission to submit a registration form.

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