National Advisory Board Meets in Los Angeles

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National Advisory Board
PLANNING–(l-r) Comm. Robert Watson, Steven Reinemund, Sally Harris and Jonathan Killmer help prepare for the 1999 NAOC conference.

by Beverly Ventriss – 

National Advisory Board (NAB) members from across the country met recently in Pasadena, Calif., where Pasadena Mayor Chris Holden greeted board members and guests at a special dinner and program.

Lt. Colonel Alfred R. Van Cleef, Southern California divisional commander, expressed his honor in hosting the meeting, the second of three scheduled for 1998. “The work accomplished at this meeting–and the visit to the beautiful city of Pasadena–will undoubtedly serve as a catalyst for the planning and attendance of next year’s important NAOC meeting.”

Steven Reinemund, Chairman and CEO of Frito Lay, Inc., and chair of the NAB, cited the Board’s primary goal for 1998 and 1999 as twofold: to increase the fundraising of the Army so resources are available to meet the growing needs of people; and to increase the public’s knowledge and interest in the work of the Army.

Board members Margot Perot and Edsel B. Ford II, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company, echoed the importance of heightening public awareness of the work of The Salvation Army, both locally and nationally.

“As a NAB member,” says Ford, “my primary area of interest has been the successful launch of the Red Shield campaign, with its mission to raise national awareness of the Army and create greater corporate and public support.”

An overriding goal of next year’s meeting in Pasadena is to make each attendee more knowledgeable about The Salvation Army and its work. Delegates will be given a presentation by General Paul A. Rader and attend a series of workshops entitled, “Best Ideas or Best Practices.”

Jonathan Kilmer (co-chair with Sally Harris) said the “Best Practices” are being submitted by the territories and will be assembled in a book that will be distributed to all delegates. “We see the 1999 NAOC meeting to be a truly hands-on meeting,” he said, “and to clearly live up to its theme of ‘Joining Forces’.”

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