My New Song

Bryan, a beneficiary at the Seattle Adult Rehabilitation Center,

shares a poem he wrote describing his struggles and spiritual journey.


Growing up believing I was to blame

Thinking that everyone else felt the same.

“A mistake,” “In the way,” that’s how I felt

Hopes, goals, dreams, I watched them all melt.

“I” didn’t seem to be important—to them or to me,

My future didn’t matter or I just couldn’t see.

There must be something different, something with hope,

Not just darkness, evil, loneliness and more dope.

I want a friend, some family or even a mate,

A good clean life—not perfect but great.

How do I become “that” from this life of tatters,

How do I become someone else, someone that matters?

I’ve started out new more times than anyone should

Thinking this time is the time that I would—

That I would see it through and I would give it my all,

But by excusing my stumbles, I cause my own fall.

Lying to myself while twisting and turning,

Never comfortable, thirsty, never-ending yearning.

Always back to the comfort of my den of sin

Until I’d get back up and fight, but only halfway again.

I heard God has an Army that leads guys like me,

And they’ve won many battles and helped set men free.

God has all the answers—that I am told

Ask for His help and then watch it unfold.

God, I now give you my life that I’ve made such a mess,

Cheating, lying, and stealing plus more I confess.

Now I am told to stay out of Your way

Praise God and give thanks for one more day.

He’s power—He’s love—He is the One

He is my Father and I am His son!

    By Bryan M

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