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New Frontier has a new regular feature—the “Multicultural” page. Here, we will be covering the various non-English ministries of the Western Territory.

Did you know that “Kot epwe afeiochuk” (pronounced coat ep-way a-fay-oh-choke) means “God bless you” in Chuukese, the native language of the Chuuk Islands in the United States’ Western Territory? According to a short video on, Chuukese is just one of the 175 languages spoken in Salvation Army ministries around the world.

Here in the West, ministry is conducted in 11 languages other than English. The languages and number of corps using those languages are:


Tlingit – 7            Korean – 10            Spanish – 43

Chinese – 3            Hmong – 1            Laotian – 4

Chuukese – 2            Marshallese – 8            Pilipino – 1

Pohnpeian – 2            Portuguese – 2


You can visit these corps throughout the 10 divisions in the West. See more online, including a location listing, at


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