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Join the movement to abolish modern-day slavery.

Two hundred years ago in Great Britain, William Wilberforce and others worked to end slavery. That country abolished slavery in 1807.

Today, in the enlightened year of 2007, victims are still waiting for help.

Because of both its historical role in the fight against sexual trafficking, as well as its international modern-day anti-trafficking activities, The Salvation Army has joined the Amazing Change Campaign as a “champion” organization.

The campaign grew out of the vision of the producers of the newly released feature film, Amazing Grace: The William Wilberforce Story. Bristol Bay Productions and Walden Media hope to increase awareness of both the history of slavery and the widespread prevalence of slavery and human trafficking in the world today.

The movie tells the story of William Wilberforce and John Newton, two men whose efforts led to the eventual abolition of the slave trade in Great Britain.

During the evangelical revival in England, Newton—once a slave trader/master on slave ships—became a priest in the Anglican church and is credited with writing “Amazing Grace.” The hymn is thought to embody his regrets about his participation in slavery. In 1785, Newton convinced William Wilberforce, newly converted evangelical and member of parliament, to remain in parliament and “serve God where he was.”

Lisa Thompson, National Headquarters liaison for the abolition of sexual trafficking, comments: “In an age when so little of value and substance makes it to the big screen, this film marks a major departure from the status quo. Moreover it provides a beautiful witness to faith in God.”

Goals of the Amazing Change Campaign include:

• Increasing literacy about the historical issue of slavery and the abolitionist movement;
• Raising awareness about modern day slavery and other forms of oppression;
• Motivating people to get involved to abolish slavery, improve society and increase volunteerism while continuing the unfinished work of William Wilberforce;
• Engaging a massive number of new activists in a lifelong journey to invest back in the world using their time, influence and resources. This journey will be the lasting legacy of Amazing Grace.

God has called The Salvation Army to intervene on the behalf of the oppressed. You can be part of the campaign by following four steps: go to the movie, sign the petition on the campaign’s website, learn about the trafficking issue and share with others.

For more information go to,, or to sign the petition:

From information provided by Lisa Thompson, National Headquarters liaison for the abolition of sexual trafficking

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