Miyobas see West first hand

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Majors Grey and Leniah Miyoba


Majors Grey and Leniah Miyoba, of the Zambia and Malawi Territory, are on a one-year assignment to observe “how things are done” in the Western Territory. As two of the first students of the new Crestmont College School of Continuing Education, they will spend time mostly at the College, territorial headquarters and Southern California Division. However, they have been to the Intermountain Youth Councils and will be making visits to events in several divisions. The couple’s entire U.S. experience will take place in this territory. Except for one night in London, they came directly here, immediately entering a tightly-run schedule.

Major Grey Miyoba is adjusting bravely to driving on the right side of the street and finding his way around the South Bay.

With them is their youngest son, Leslie, who will attend school and see how things are done from the vantage point of his 12 years. Their other children, two boys and three girls, range from 22 to 14. All are back home and in school except for the oldest son.

The Miyobas were previously assigned to territorial headquarters in Zambia. He was Field Secretary for Personnel and she was Territorial League of Mercy Secretary, directing the program both in homes and at the large government-run hospital. Total complement of officers at their THQ is 12.

Both were trained in Zambia and have seen many changes since their commissioning 25 years ago. They look forward to bringing new ideas home and to seeing further expansion of the Army’s work there.

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