Meet the cadets of the Preparers of the Way Session

Korina Perez Acosta
Home Corps: El Paso Temple Corps, Southwest Division
Salvationist: Third
What Brought You To TSA: My family led me to know the Army as a child, but I felt a consuming fire to serve God fulltime as a
pastor/officer at a Central Territory Congress as a teen.
Ministry/Passions: My ministerial passion is youth. I also love Latino ministries, working with different cultures, and I am very
passionate about overseas missions.
Hobbies & Interests: I enjoy theatre, music, dance and spending time with my husband, Luis. I love museums and learning about
different cultures. I just love living life and sharing the love of the Lord with those around me!

Luis Acosta
Home Corps: El Paso Temple Corps, Southwest Division
Salvationist: First
What Brought You To TSA: My older brother, Armando, invited me to the corps.
Ministry/Passions: To share the Gospel with everyone I come into contact with! I am passionate about sharing the Word with youth who are considered
at-risk and to the marginalized.
Hobbies & Interests: I am a Christian DJ and enjoy drawing, painting and spending time with my wife, Kory—we like visiting
museums and exploring new cultures. I also collect vintage records.

Shoshannah Begonia
Home Corps: Whittier Corps, Southern California Division
Salvationist: Fourth
What Brought You to TSA: My grandparents and parents were/are Army officers—the Army has always been my church.
Ministry/Passions: God has opened my eyes to various avenues of ministry. Usually I work with children and music, but I really enjoy meeting social service clients and those in nursing homes. I am open to overseas
missionary work.
Hobbies & Interests: I like spending time with my family, joking around, and watching movies with my fiancé, Celestine Ruwethin. I also enjoy sports, games, and eating! Lately I am especially enjoying planning for my

Celestine Ruwethin
Home Corps: Guam Corps, Hawaii and Pacific Islands Division
Salvationist: First
What Brought You to TSA: Employment—I worked at The Salvation Army Lighthouse Recovery Center.
Ministry/Passions: I like pastoral counseling and any kind of small group ministry. I enjoy studying cults, the occult and any modern heresies within the church.
Hobbies & Interests: Snorkeling or scuba
diving, fishing, hiking, and playing basketball with friends—then stuffing ourselves with pizza or buffets! To relax, I like to go to a coffee shop and read, or go to the movies, play cards or board games with my fiancé, Shoshannah.

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