Man With a Mission now available

Biography of Commissioner Israel L. Gaither written by Henry Gariepy. – 


Israel L. Gaither – Man With A Mission, the biography of the National Commander of The Salvation Army in the USA, recently released, is destined to take its place among the classic biographies within the movement. This story portrays what God can do through a life totally dedicated to him, surmounting formidable obstacles, and making a difference in our world.
“Here is a life used by God,” writes General Shaw Clifton of the book, “to challenge, bless and inspire countless others for Christ. Gariepy gives us the real Gaither: man of God, family man, man on a mission, a man worth knowing.”
The over 300 pages of text are complemented with 70 photos, from Gaither’s earliest days up to the present, with the attractive cover design by Salvationist Karen Yee Lim.
The volume also offers rich insights on the structure and global mission of The Salvation Army, including its International Headquarters and High Council.
Israel Gaither’s life story is one of courage and grace in a contentious world of subtle racism. He redefined and raised the bar for leadership of African-Americans in the ranks of The Salvation Army. What Jackie Robinson did for baseball, Israel Gaither did for The Salvation Army. He established a level playing field.
This life portrait is in large part presented by those who know him best—family and friends, colleagues who worked closely with him, and people who have felt the impact of his ministry. His biographer observes, “Israel Gaither has achieved an iconic status among those who have come to know him. He is all, and more, that people in this text say of him.”
Edsel B. Ford II, chairman of the Army’s National Advisory Board, states, “This book provides key insights into the movement he leads and speaks a message of hope and inspiration to our troubled times.”
“Here is a story,” writes the Army’s former international leader John Larsson, “of a contemporary giant who has become a legend in his own lifetime. Colonel Gariepy, The Salvation Army’s foremost writer today, has distilled immense facts and insights into an outstanding biography.”
The biography is available from Resource Connection by calling 1-800-937-8896.

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