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by Chris Toy

“No, I don’t want you to say, ‘network.’ It’s” stands for Salvation Army Youth Network. It’s the one-stop place for all things Salvation Army youth in the Western Territory. And it’s recently expanded to include news and blog posts from Salvationists all over the world.

The Western Territory’s youth department has redesigned SAYnetwork to be an aggregator of all the SAY sites, compiling their news feeds onto one site. If you visit, you’ll see the latest five news posts on SAYconnect, the latest five videos on SAYtube, the latest five blog posts from Revolution Hawaii and more. Now will always be updated with fresh content automatically from 11 different sites.

But that’s not all. Clicking on “Salvation Army Aggregator” will bring you to a page containing over 50 Army sites, blogs and Twitter feeds of Salvationists who are passionate about saving souls and seeing lives transformed. All of these are now located in one place so you can easily find them (

Now SAYnetwork really is your one-stop place for all Salvation Army news.

If you have an engaging, high quality Salvation Army blog you’d like featured on the SAYnetwork, just email the request to “”

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