Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

(Note: Commissioners Edwards sent this letter to officers and employees at THQ)

Dear Friends and Partners in Ministry,

Friday, June 28th was our final day in the office; we departed for our new home and a new adventure on June 30th, which marked five years to the day we came to the Western Territory.

Some of you were here when we arrived, and some of you have joined us since that time. To each we say a “big thank you” for your love and support all during the time that we were privileged to serve alongside you here at THQ.

Together, we have been a good team facilitating our frontline troops and supporting them with our prayers. We want to thank you most sincerely. We have seen a lot achieved in those five years, largely in part because of your faithful and devoted service here at THQ.

A special thanks to the heads of departments, especially for your willingness to try things differently. The Visioning exercise that we engaged in and in which you each willingly participated, has certainly accounted for much of the deep change that we have seen at this THQ. Admittedly, we are still becoming all that we need to be. We thank God however, that every effort is being made to be all, that by God’s grace, we can be.

We commend to you your new territorial leader, Commissioner Linda Bond. We know you will assure her of your support and prayers. She is a wonderful person; we are sure that you will like her very much. We also commend to you all those taking up responsibility at THQ. We especially want you to reach out in welcome to Lt. Colonels Donald and Debi Bell, as well as Lt. Colonels Ray and Marilyn Moulton. May God continue bless the USA Western Territory. May he continue to bless you here at THQ.

David and Doreen Edwards
Ocala, Florida


I have a niece (from Chicago) and nephew and his wife (from Chicago via Guam) who attended “Youthquake” and they were thrilled with all that went on! I especially appreciated the Bible study and prayer emphasis for the adult track. Much as we all love the music, glitz and glamour, God works very simply when we get serious about seeking after him through his Word and prayer. The Tillsleys and the Lescanos were both inspiring speakers.

I appreciated being part of the 52 Hour Prayer Chain, which was a great way to further emphasize the importance of the Morelocks’ “Prayer-The Heart of Holiness” Campaign. I believe God will bless us for honoring him in this way – and I hope it will be through a mighty revival that will infuse our Army and spread throughout his Church.

I came away feeling refreshed, inspired and blessed with great hope for the future of our Army.

Marlene Jones, Envoy
Murrieta Corps

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