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As a retired Salvation Army officer of 53 years I am deeply concerned about the POSSIBLE change of our uniform.

If the dress becomes too casual, so that the public does not fully recognize us any longer, our entree into circles we would not be admitted to, were it not for this beautiful uniform we wear, would no longer speak our witness to the public.

General Coutts, addressing a session of ICO in the 60s, had this to say… “This uniform has gained me entrance to kings, queens and presidents. Let us not feel we would have that same accessibility without it.”

Thank you, Lieut. Reardon for writing your own convictions regarding the present uniform (New Frontier EASTER 2000). Hearing this from a younger officer renews my belief that most of us join you in your personal feelings regarding our present uniform.

Although there are many recommendations being considered by General Gowans to which I can not agree, I certainly do join you, in stating my personal conviction about the subject of keeping our uniform.

Lt. Reardon, you will not be the only “crazy old coot” still in uniform. I’ll be there, too.

Margaret French,
Mrs. Colonel (R)
Clearwater, Florida

* * *

Congratulations on a beautiful Easter 2000 issue. Seldom does a column attract my attention like Lt. Amanda Reardon’s did in this issue. It is heartwarming to hear a young officer speak up about the importance of uniform wearing. The uniform still packs a powerful witness, and I wear mine proudly every day. People respect the uniform and what it stands for. May we who wear it always strive to be worthy of that respect. While it’s hard to imagine Amy ever being a “crazy old coot!” I’ll be right there in line with her.

Marilyn Gregory, Major
San Francisco ARC

* * *

My husband and I recently spoke at a large church in our community…about the Army and were well received. At the end, one man said “What I have always loved about the Army is that they are the only branch of the evangelical church who has ‘put on the habit’ so to speak by wearing the uniform.”

Now, each time I put on my uniform I wear it with the knowledge that all who see it will know that I am a representative of God’s church.

I am not an expert in fashion and so I admit perhaps the uniform could undergo some changes in style, but should the day come that uniforms are completely disposed of, Lt. Reardon will not be the only “crazy old coot still in uniform.”

Jennifer Perine, Lieut.
Eastside corps officer
Northwest Division

Being a fourth generation Western Territory Salvationist, the news from the West is one of the highlights for me. Keep up the good work. The historical tours you take us through are very interesting, as are the up-to-date appointment changes and editorials.

Charles Engel
Hockessin, Delaware

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