Larssons to visit five cities in West, speak at Commissioning

by Martin Hunt – 

General John Larsson and Commissioner Freda Larsson

Soldiers, officers and the thousands of support personnel who help keep our Army mobilized for warfare on the frontlines, will be interested to know that General John Larsson and Commissioner Freda Larsson will be touring the Western Territory in 2004.

During this nine-day tour of the territory the General and Commissioner Larsson will speak at five public meetings, will conduct four officers councils, and will participate in the Commissioning and Ordination of the Bridgebuilders Session of cadets. (Please NOTE – Commissioning will be held one week later than our normal schedule)

The Larssons will visit Portland, San Francisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Diego. All Salvationists within traveling distance of these cities should plan on being in attendance to hear and learn from the spiritual leader of our Army. Larsson will challenge us in our Christian walk, and will encourage us in our service of the Lord. This will be a truly inspirational time, and the tide of excitement and energy that this tour creates, we pray, will encompass and energize the whole territory.

You can begin preparing yourself now for this review of the troops. Pray for our international leaders and territorial leaders as they travel extensively. Pray for your local leaders as they continue to provide spiritual leadership in your communities. Above all else, pray that as the General visits the West he will see an Army fit for battle, an Army found on its knees, and an Army passionate about victory!

More information will be available in the coming weeks from the host divisions and in New Frontier.

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