Korea’s Salvation Army Holds Fundraising Event for Japan

Korea and Japan may not seem to be on good terms at times, due to various historical reasons, but in times like this, when Japan is hit by the worst earthquake and tsunami in its history, all feelings of animosity turn into worry and sympathy.
Korea was among the first countries to offer help, with the government sending relief crews to Japan right away.
And now the Salvation Army in Korea has rolled up its sleeves and organized a fundraising event for the public to participate by giving donations.

[Interview : Lim Hun-taek, Secretary for personnel
The Salvation Army] “This is the first time in 83 years that the Salvation Army came out to the streets during the non-Christmas season. We plan to hold this event for two days so that citizens can easily take part in donating.”

Hallyu, or Korean Wave, stars have also volunteered to help raise more funds, and donators say they are grateful for this opportunity to help out.

[Interview : Lee Ga-ram, Seoul resident] “I feel so bad that our neighboring country had to experience such a tragedy and I am glad that I had the opportunity to show my support today.”

[Interview : Lee Kuk-in, Korean immigrant to Japan] “I am very touched to see that Korea is helping out Japan in times like this, despite the bad history between the two countries.”

The Salvation Army has set up charity pots in about 20 different places around Seoul.
From little kids to office workers they were more than willing to pull out money from their wallets.

[Reporter : Laah Hyun-kyung] “Many Koreans took part in the fund-raising event with hopes that their donation will help the quake and tsunami victims and their families.”

All the funds raised, along with relief items, will be delivered to Japan and many hope that no other disasters will strike the neighboring country.

Laah Hyun-kyung, Arirang News.

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