Instilling faith in youth


Photo by Tim Schaal

Dr. Kara Powell challenges youth leaders to abandon age segregation

Day three of Boot Camp 4 included a testimonial from Rubina Navarro and Dr. Kara Powell, executive director at Fuller Institute,  also spoke. Navarro thanked Major Nancy Davis-Dihle, who she says has been pivotal in helping to lead her on the right path.

“I was able to see the promise, heart and passion I had, through your eyes,” Navarro said. “Thank you. I am a life that has been changed.”

After, Powell, who has authored and co-authored several books and regularly speaks at conferences and seminars, spoke about getting rid of age segregation within the church. She explained through her research with Fuller Institute, they have found 40-50 percent of kids drift away from church and God, after high school graduation.

“When I hear that statistic I am not satisfied,” Powell said. “This is not just a teenage issue, it’s a church issue.”

Powell challenged youth leaders in the room to not be satisfied with that statistic either. She believes having all ages together in a inter-generational style of ministry is the most effective way of keeping teens in the church.

“Their only hope for having faith that lasts is you,” Powell said. “They need you to care and to show up.”

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