Incoming chief secretary salutes Harfoots

Lt. Colonel Dave Hudson reflects on the Harfoots’ three years in the West.

By Dave Hudson, LT. Colonel

Colonels Bill and Sue Harfoot came to the Western Territory three years ago from the Central Territory with a resume of successful Salvation Army service, including corps, divisional, training college and territorial experience.

They were, however, relatively unknown to most Western officers and soldiers. Immediately following the announcement of their appointment to the West, myriad calls of inquiry went out to the Central Territory, asking the same question: “What are the Harfoots like?” The reply from the Central was, “You are getting our best.”

The last three years have confirmed that reply in all of our hearts and minds—the Harfoots are simply the best.

Over these three years Colonels Harfoot have traveled to every part of the territory, visiting large and small corps and programs. Regardless of where they were, they demonstrated genuine caring ministry.

One officer stated, “The thing I appreciate most about the Harfoots is that I always know what to expect when I’m with them; they are the same people when around senior leaders as they are with the newly commissioned. They are authentic—the real deal.”

Often, their journeys have been marked with unplanned events, such as a volcanic eruption in Alaska, record snow storms in Colorado and Idaho, a typhoon in Micronesia, lost luggage in Haiti, a bomb scare at LAX and many canceled flights. While the Harfoots are loved, their coworkers often choose to make reservations on separate flights, apprehensive of a perceived Harfoot jinx. Bill and Sue may be loved, but sometimes admiration from a distance is not a bad thing!

The Harfoots came to the West with an exceptional reputation and resume; they leave now as members of the family.

Colonels Bill and Sue Harfoot are taking up new appointments at National Headquarters, he as National Chief Secretary and she as National Secretary for Women’s ministires.

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