Hamster invasion at Allegheny Valley Corps

Toy launch party held at The Salvation Army.

A youngster shows off her new Zhu Zhu pet. [Photo by Chris Mackneer]

The Allegheny Valley Corps in Brackenridge, Pa., recently hosted a children’s kickoff party for Zhu Zhu Pets, the world’s first innovative, realistic, interactive, plush and artificially intelligent hamsters that talk and move around in their own playsets.

As part of the Cepia and the Martz Agency toy launch, Pierce Events LLC partnered with The Salvation Army in Brackenridge to give a Zhu Zhu pet to 35 children involved in local Salvation Army programs.

“We were contacted by the promotion company to do this event, and we were thrilled,” said Captain Pamela Armour, Allegheny Valley corps officer with her husband Rickie. “We have many children in our programs who come from tough situations, and this was really a blessing for them.”

Shaun Pierce, president of Pierce Events, told the Earth Times that these kids would be some of the first in the country to experience Zhu Zhu Pets.

“It’s our hope that by donating these toys, we will be delivering joy and fun to these children and in a small way support the amazing work done every day through The Salvation Army,” Pierce said.

The party included pizza, games and an opportunity to write a thank-you card for the pets.

“After each child received a Zhu Zhu Pet, the kids lined all the pets up and had one huge race,” said Chris Mackneer, youth pastor at the corps. “By the end of the night, the kids were scattered all over the gym chasing after the little toy hamsters.”

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