Guam Lighthouse Enrolls First Soldiers

The Lighthouse Outpost in Guam had its first new soldier enrollment last month. Two senior soldiers and four junior soldiers were enrolled under the colors on the island of Guam.

The Lighthouse Outpost is a new ministry focused on serving the recovery community in Guam and Micronesia. Currently, the Outpost holds meetings in the chapel of the Lighthouse Recovery Center, a transitional living program for individuals breaking free from addictive behavior.

Mike and Kelley Lutcher and family are actively involved in the work of the ministry as they lead the children and youth ministry under the direction of Envoy Allison Zimmerman. They also both serve as staff of the Lighthouse Recovery Center, working with clients in their recovery from addiction.

Mike and Kelley attended the Life Service Conference held at Crestmont; their attendance challenged them to seriously consider being trained as officers in order to continue to fulfill the call of God upon their lives.

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