Graduating Lieutenants Commissioned

Peter Chang  Chang Appoints 42 New Officers to the Field

By Commissioner Peter H. Chang – 

It is not only my duty, but also my great privilege to challenge you, lieutenants of the Messengers of the Truth, as you now, following two years of training, have been prepared by God and are ready to accept your first appointment.

May I challenge you to be true to your sessional name: be a true and sincere messenger of the Truth.

I challenge you to be soul winners. Win souls at every possible opportunity. Set your own goal through prayer to seek to win a certain number of souls in each year and with God’s help, make them his true disciples.

I challenge you to develop lay leaders, youth leaders, Sunday school teachers and local officers, for we all have the responsibility of winning souls for Jesus.

I challenge you to cultivate candidates in your corps or center of ministry. The future of the Western Territory and indeed, The Salvation Army throughout the world, largely depends upon the recruitment and development of candidates.

I challenge you, in this next year, to double the attendance at your corps or center through People Count!

Now, I charge you:

Firstly, preach the Truth, Jesus Christ, all the time. To do this effectively, you must study the Word continuously. Your knowledge of his Word will deepen your understanding of his will.

Secondly, pastor your people, not only those who come to your corps or center but also all the people in the community. Serve them as our Lord would serve. Love them dearly as our Lord would love. Look after them as your very own, for they are your God-given responsibility.

Thirdly, pray constantly. The real source of power is found in prayer. Do not ever neglect to pray: for yourself, for your family, for your comrades and for our dear Army.

It is my prayer that you all will be faithful to the call of God until that day when we each will stand before the Almighty and hear him saying, “Good and faithful servant! Well done…”

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