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Almost 1,000 Salvationists from Florida welcome the Army’s international leaders.

Photo by The Salvation Army IHQ
Photo by The Salvation Army IHQ

Almost 1,000 Salvationists from Florida welcomed The Salvation Army’s international leaders for a day-long series of meetings at Clearwater Citadel Corps. General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox (World President of Women’s Ministries) shared in worship during a morning holiness meeting and a rousing “hallelujah praise-gathering” during the evening salvation meeting attended by members of corps from the area.

Alongside fervent worship that featured compelling testimony, one highlight of the holiness meeting was the enrollment of six senior soldiers, five junior soldiers and three adherent members. The General challenged each to remain steadfast in his or her service, finding the source of their strength “In Christ Alone”—the theme for the morning.

“The image of the invisible God is made visible in Jesus—and the world should also see God’s holiness through our actions,” the General declared during his sermon. When an invitation was given for seekers to go forward for prayer, the altar was lined with people of all ages seeking to reflect God’s grace and goodness without fear of reprisal or ridicule.

During a salvation meeting that was punctuated by delightful moments of creative worship and musical excellence, Commissioner Cox and the General offered fascinating glimpses into Salvation Army ministry right around the world. The General emphasized  his desire for the Army to encourage and nurture its young people who, he explained, will feature prominently during the International Congress in 2015.


Report by Major Frank Duracher


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