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by Captain Robert L. Rudd – 

Envoys Ron and Evelyn Weppler have contributed much time and good will to the community of Green Valley, just north of Tucson. One recent outpost activity was a school supplies drive, netting a total of $4,095 for the community’s children. Colorful posters made by Virginia Gomez were placed in four locations along with a box of shopping bags bearing lists of needed items.

“The school principals were very excited about this event and were overwhelmed at the amount of articles,” said Evelyn. “It was a blessing to see the people of this community come together to aid others.”


Turlock Together,” the community co-op of the area non-profits, is already working to provide Christmas for those less fortunate. Last year Turlock Together provided over 1,700 “Blessing Baskets,” and over 7500 toys for children during the holidays. Captains David and Diane Ebel say this year’s target is even higher.


Congratulations to Captain Nathan-ael Doria, divisional youth secretary in the Sierra Del Mar Division. He has recently completed his B.S. in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.


Major Jacque Fritz, San Bernardino, Calif., corps officer, has received the 1999 Citizen of Achievement Award from the League of Women Voters. In addition to overseeing such programs as Home League, she gives positive leadership to the League of Mercy Program, is a spark plug for youth programs and those for the elderly. Congratulations to her for this well deserved award!


Our historical program is busier all the time. Recently we received a significant photo album containing pictures from the early days at the Lytton Boys’ and Girls’ Home. The album was originally kept by Lt. Colonel and Mrs. Wilfred C. Bourne, administrators. Several of these rare pictures will be shown in future displays. Donations to the museum benefit the entire territory, and we are most grateful to Arlee Lansing for sending this to us.


James Allen, YP Band and Singing Company member at Pasadena Tab-ernacle Corps, won his fourth trophy for piano playing this year in the Southern California Youth Music Festival at UCLA. Competing against 17 other pianists, the 10-year-old was awarded first place. When asked what he would like to do when he grows up, he replied, “I would like to play basketball in the NBA!”


With the approval of International Headquarters, the Territorial commander, Commissioner David Edwards, is pleased to announce the following appointment:

Captain Adam Morales, Russia/ CIS Command, to be Finance Officer at the Institute for Officer Training (Finland), effective January 1, 2000.



CARPINTERIA ARC, CA–Chaplain/ Corps Administrator: Responsibilities

Prayer and Preparation for the Harvest

Prayer and Preparation for the Harvest

by Lt

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