Frontlines — News Briefs of the West


by Captain Robert L. Rudd – 

Like you, I have many acquaintances–people whom I have met, worked with, laughed with and spent quality time with and a very few people whom I consider to be my closest friends–people who, in spite of myself have committed to hold me accountable, to love me and forgive me and cause me to be a better person. There are others who have a very special niche, a place in my life that only they could create and fill.

I think about my Uncle Art, with whom I just reconnected after almost 30 years–a man of simple yet profound faith. There is a brand new person in my life as of Saturday, May 15th–our first granddaughter, Chloe Elizabeth. Even though she is only a few days old, I confess she has already changed our lives and renewed our sense of wonder about life and God’s masterful creativity.

There is one other person I want to mention, Doris Verbout, who was promoted to Glory on Friday, May 21st. Doris was a grand lady with a big heart, steadfast in her faith, resolute in her hope for a better day and in the truest sense, an overcomer; for, you see, Doris endured the miseries of Lou Gehrig’s disease with grace and dignity. I pause to applaud the life and contribution of Doris Verbout.

With this edition of Frontlines, we draw positive attention to others who are making a difference in their world…

We are glad to hear of innovative ways being used to gather funds for Self Denial/World Services. San Diego Citadel Corps has a special Sunday school Penny March to raise funds. On the first Sunday each month, the corps in Hemet has scheduled a guest speaker from the Army to give a presentation on what the Lord has done for them and The Salvation Army in countries in which they have served. People from the community are also invited to these services, says Lt. Thom Poochigian, corps officer. Major Isa McDougald at THQ is happy to provide pictures and information about overseas personnel.

Congratulations to Captain Kelly Pontsler, who recently earned her Master’s degree in Business Administration from California State University, Dominguez Hills. Pontsler will soon leave for Rome, Italy, where she will serve as finance officer for the European Command.

The West has sent a canteen to help with the ongoing work following the Okla-homa tornado. Led by Arlene Taksas, the team includes Rita Baysinger (who is also a Ham radio operator, trained in public relations), cook Stanley Shipman, and workers Sammy Waddle and Aaron Maxwell.

Weddings are a time of great promise, a new start, a time to reflect on the life that lies ahead. The recent wedding of David Saunders and Jennifer Henson calls for an extra amount of prayer, not only for the couple but for the Army’s work in Russia. Jennifer is joining him in his work for youth in that great country, a ministry which has great rewards as well as potential for privation. They go with our blessing.

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