Frontlines — News Briefs of the West


by Captain Robert L. Rudd –

Life these days has become very busy and complicated. Territorial Headquarters is humming with activity–the Community Relations and Develop-ment staff has been busy with two 8,000 piece mailings to radio stations announcing the Army of Stars radio programs, the processing of Army of Stars CD orders for the 1,200-plus radio stations airing Army of Stars this year,as well as the regular mailing of New Frontier.

We are not the only people who are busy with Christmas, however–the THQ campus is being prepared for the annual “Light of the World” project–when Crestmont is bedecked in lights and Biblical Christmas scenes are depicted with live animals and characters. More than 1,500 family units will visit the campus by car, listen to an audio recording of the Christmas story and enjoy a simple reminder of the significance of the holiday. Truly, it is a glorious time of the year.

The idea that God sent his only Son Jesus, across the vast space of eternity to become our “light,” exposing the vitality of his love for each of us and helping us to “see” the benefits of relationship with him, is exciting Good News! I trust each of you will pause in this busy season to experience God’s loving gift of joy, hope, happiness and health through his Son.

Now, here is some good news about your friends and colleagues who are busy bringing God’s eternal light to our darkened world…


Lt. Colonel Ray Peacock reports a record high of $75,000 this year has been received for Overseas Children’s Sponsorship. Major Ruth Looker receives more deserving cases each week, and is inspiring even more with the Christmas Angel Trees at Crestmont and the Lomita Annex.


Ten Inland Empire businesses (including Riverside, San Bernardino, etc. in California) have placed a Salvation Army holiday message on their outdoor message boards for free during the holiday season. When Brian Pickering, public relations representative for the area, approached one company for a local message, it said it would go national. This should have an impact on Christmas donations!


Nadezda Sichear and Vera Bulakh lived in Kiev, Ukraine about 10 years ago and knew each other there. Then Vera moved to Moldova and they lost track of each other. Both were Christians, moved to America, to Spokane and met again at a recent Home League meeting at the corps!


You will recall that The Salvation Army is officially endorsing this campaign, a growing movement calling to reduce the debt burden on Third World countries in celebration of the dawning of the new millennium. Salvationists are encouraged to sign petitions to be presented to Summit of the G8 in Germany in 1999.

Commissioner David Edwards tells us that as of December 3, nine out of 12 divisions and commands participated in this campaign; 702 signatures were collected, and of that total, 52 signatures were from THQ.

It is not too late to participate. Letters and petitions can still be received in the Commissioner’s office until the end of the year.


The famed Knott’s Berry Farm hosted the annual Christmas Kettle Kickoff in Orange County. Captains Lee and Michele Lescano, county coordinators, say that Advisory Board and Women’s Auxiliary members enjoyed this special occasion, which ushers in the holiday season. Various Knott’s characters were present, of course.

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