Frontlines — News Briefs of the West


by Captain Robert L. Rudd – 

Amid the cool pines of Heber, Ariz., Lt. Col. Olin O. Hogan recently welcomed more than 100 guests to the Southwest Division’s new Camp Ponderosa Ranch. “A Picnic in the Pines,” sponsored by SIGMA Contracting, allowed donors and supporters to view the progress made on construction since the groundbreaking in 1997. A guided tour enabled guests to view the beautiful land and buildings. During the barbecue lunch, the band, led by Divisional Music Director Ralph Pearce, provided entertainment. DHQ is producing a video detailing camp construction, which will be unveiled at the Sally Award dinner this month.


…was the theme for the recent Youth Councils in Moscow, writes David Saunders, Moscow Regional Youth Worker. Dave is grateful for the tremendous help given by our own young people, especially Pam and Donnie Rasmussen, who led Bible studies, worship, and a seminar. He adds that the weekend would not have been possible except for the generous gift from the young people who attended the Western Youth Institute last August. More activities are coming. Let’s keep them in our prayers!


Recently, 15 student volunteers participating in Pepperdine University’s 10th Annual “Step Forward Day,” painted a 475-foot, colorful mural at The Salvation Army’s downtown Day Care Center. Paint was supplied by Dunn-Edwards Corporation.

Since 1922, the Center has served predominantly low-income families working in the surrounding garment and industrial districts bordering downtown Los Angeles. Lt. Colonel Alfred R. Van Cleef, divisional commander, commented, “Pepperdine University and The Salvation Army have a long-standing relationship. This program continues to be as important today as it was 75 years ago. I am delighted the students have volunteered to paint a mural for our Day Care Center.”


Every year outside Denver, Colo., there is “Homestead City,” depicting life as it was 100 years ago. Cyndi Mettler, Aurora Corps soldier, was there again in the heat, bonneted and uniformed, much like a lassie of pioneer days. In between holding impromptu meetings and leading songs accompanied by her concertina, she found time to lend a hand to other exhibitors, in the finest Salvation Army tradition. All she needed was a few hoodlums throwing rotten vegetables! Congratulations on a really fine effort!


Lemoyne Gooding-Wood, faithful soldier and member of our Community Relations team, returned from vacation with a sad story. Their cruise ship was involved in a 12-hour search and attempted rescue of Swissair Flight 111, off the shore of Newfoundland. On sighting wreckage, the Captain launched shore boats to help recover evidence. A short service followed ending in prayer, with “Taps” being played and a wreath thrown overboard.


The Salvation Army of Torrance, Calif., truly reached out into the community recently with their first Annual Family Fun Fair. Captains Don and Rhonda Gilger had everyone involved, including a cadet brigade and Captain Terry Camsey in an information booth. The outstanding effort brought in 102 new persons. Included were 57 families, six of which have been referred to corps in their communities. Visitation and encouragement will now follow!


Mrs. Brigadier Barbara H. Wheatley (R) writes that she and her family are deeply appreciative of the many expressions of sympathy and assurances of prayer support following the recent promotion to Glory of Brigadier W. Kenneth Wheatley (R).

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