Frontlines — News Briefs of the West

Robert Rudd

by Captain Robert L. Rudd – 

It hardly seems possible, but the summer is more than half over. For the Rudd family, some of our time was spent in the mountains of Oregon where we have enjoyed camping and water skiing at Detroit Lake State Park. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and find clean air; clear, fresh water and gentle mountain breezes, for a comfortable “family budget” price, this is the place to go. Honestly, you can’t beat it. I can still smell the bacon frying on the griddle over an open fire. I have returned to work, refreshed and renewed in my spirit.

Besides the relaxation and quality time spent with the family, God had an additional blessing in store for me this year. While we were en route to Detroit Lake, I stopped off in Grants Pass to discuss the development of an advisory board with Lt. Mike Turnlund. During several conversations he had indicated that his prospective Advisory Board chairman was a man named “Denver” who was the president of a local bank. I was surprised beyond belief when I walked into the restaurant with the lieutenant to meet Denver, a man I had worked with at First National Bank of Oregon 30 years earlier. Denver worked at a branch in Philomath, a small town a few miles up the road from Corvallis where I was located. While there, Denver served as the chairman of the Army’s Service Extension committee. To make a long and joyful story shorter, Denver’s wife accepted Christ a few years ago and, along with her friend, began praying for Denver’s salvation. It should be no surprise to you that Denver was inexorably drawn by the Spirit of God and himself accepted Christ as his personal saviour. Today, Denver carries on his eager service to The Salvation Army, and with his wife and another couple, minister as a team–singing and preaching their way throughout Oregon and the West. We praise God for his faithfulness.

This summer, let God encourage and strengthen you and may we remain faithful in prayer and unselfish service to him.


Speaking of health and well-being, we just helped Bob Docter celebrate his “three score and ten.” We are a blessed people in the West for being able to enjoy the fruit of his intellect, imagination, indefatigable spirit and insight. Join me in praying God will continue to bless, enrich and use Bob’s diverse gifts and talents for the benefit of his Kingdom and The Salvation Army. Thanks, Bob, for investing yourself so unselfishly in the people, programs and ministry of the West. Happy Birthday! We look forward to your helping us advance with alacrity and joy well beyond the new millennium.

Now, here is some important news about the exciting things that have been happening around our great territory…


The courtyard of the Tustin Ranch, Calif., corps was recently jammed with more than 650 visitors to the Fourth of July Fair. It offered the community a unique, comfortable setting and provided pony rides, petting zoo, climbing wall, popcorn, Chili cook-off, country western band, and the greatest BBQ in the county. Tustin Ranch’s own “Praise Works” contemporary musical ensemble kept things lively during the three hour event. Capt. Lee Lescano provided timely announcements and the proclamation of the Gospel. Over 100 of our soldiers contributed their talents to this event.


General Paul A. Rader has announced that the Forward 2000 Session of 1998-2000 will be followed by the Ambassadors of Grace in 1999-2001. We look forward to the cadets who will fly those banners.


Lt. Col. Alfred Van Cleef, So. Calif. divisional commander, has announced the division has launched its first website: The website continues the theme, “Need Knows No Season,” adopted several years ago to drive home the message that the organization is busy every day, every season, with programs and services that include those for at-risk children and youth, the homeless, families in crisis, seniors, and much more. “With this new website, we hope old perceptions of who we are and what we do will be significantly broadened,” said Van Cleef.


It has been some time since the Army has participated in an Albuquerque, N.M., parade. “With our banners and drum, and of course our canteen, we were warmly greeted by the community as we made our way down the parade route,” says C.O. Captain Julie Beauchamp. The canteen was manned by Salvationists David and Carmen Garcia, who made a big hit by throwing out candies from the canteen windows.

At the end of the parade, ice water, punch and treats were served to everyone. What a terrific opportunity to give witness of the Army’s presence and be part of the community celebration.


Recently in Roseburg, Ore., The Salvation Army participated for the second year in the Umqua Valley Rodeo Parade. The prize winning entry was an impressively decorated 1938 truck. Congratulations, Captains Ronald and Elaine Wildman!

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