Frontlines — News Briefs of the West

By Bob Bearchell – 

Reaction to the “Hot Spots of the World” issue of New Frontier has been tremendous. We have already received a number of requests for additional copies for distribution to World Services donors and advisory board members. In anticipation, we have made arrangements for printing 10,000 extra copies. If interested in receiving a quantity, kindly notify us. There will be no charge. This issue will be available until our supply is depleted.


Salvation Army personnel arrived on site within minutes of the crash of Korean Airlines Flight 801 into a hillside in Guam. A doctor and Korean translator working with our rescue teams under the direction of Captain Dave Harmon, corps c.o., pulled three survivors from the wreckage, in dense jungle inaccessible by road.

From a tent near the site, Salvation Army staff served food, water and coffee hand carried into the staging area. At the request of the Korean Government and Korean Airlines, counseling and critical stress de-briefing were provided rescue team members.


Lt. Colonel Carolyn Peacock seeks to revitalize this year’s Anti-Pornography Campaign. She visualizes 350 corps and units all doing one thing to fight this scourge. There will be mass territorial participation on November 1, 1997, to provide impetus and support for the campaign. White ribbons, along with flyers, will be tied on cars in the cities, towns and neighborhoods of the Salvation Army community. The Women’s Ministries department has accepted the challenge to participate in this campaign, as well as Youth and the ARC. Imagine the witness we can make in such a significant issue. Join in with your prayers and participation!


American Express has entered into a long-term agreement with the Army to allow its members to donate to The Salvation Army by way of their American Express cards. In return they will promote the Army in a number of areas, including regional fund raising events, kettle kickoffs and through various public relations efforts.


Majors Stephen and Judith Owen report they are praising God for the results of their outreach day as part of the National Seminar on Evangelism held recently in Colorado Springs. There were 672 homes visited and 53 people made decisions for Christ–10.7 percent! On Celebration Sunday 482 people were present as a result of NSE visitation, open airs and a 5,000 home mass mailing. Pray for them as they follow up these contacts!


“Fun in the Sun–Healthy Aging!” was the theme at the Senior Fest Picnic in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. This yearly event brings together low-income seniors and disabled from the 30 community centers served by our senior meals and activities services program. Wonderful entertainment and a barbecue, plus free haircuts, health screening, and agency resource displays made for a great day for 2,500 seniors. Congratulations to Evie Dexter, project director!


Lt. Colonels Robert and Gladys Bodine (ARC Commander, Central Territory) appreciate the expressions of support from throughout the country following his recent heart attack and subsequent angioplasty. It has been a moving experience to know so many were focusing prayer support on them. The angioplasty was successful and the prognosis is excellent. He is looking forward to returning to the office full time. Praise the Lord!


Captain Art Storey, territorial disaster coordinator, has been asked to serve on the California Governor’s State Disaster Task Force concerning expected flooding from the El Nino condition this coming fall and winter.



KALISPELL, MT–Social Services Caseworker/Secretary

It’s Time to Be Centered!

It’s Time to Be Centered!

By Lt

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