Frontlines — News Briefs of the West

Bob Bearchell

By Bob Bearchell – 

There is now a donation hotline for the whole western United States! Donors of goods are able to dial 1-800-95-TRUCK from any location in the west and their call will automatically be directed to the pickup center nearest to the call.

The HOTLINE is intended to streamline Salvation Army pickup service by connecting the donor and the appropriate collection site without any undue hassle. Another innovation from Major Dan Starrett, ARCC commander.

Major James Hood, Long Beach Temple corps officer, went “behind bars for good” last week. Even his wife didn’t know what was happening when he was whisked off to jail in a long white limousine. It seems the Major had given an hour of his time to work for the Muscular Dystrophy Association at the Long Beach jail. Quite a gimmick: well planned, well executed, and effective. And he has no record, except a picture of himself in an old fashioned black and white striped suit, behind bars.

Majors Harold and Nathalie Peterson (R) recently received a “letter from the past” in which Sally and Doug Beaty say that Harold’s kindness in building their small house in the 1950s has caused them to donate thousands of dollars to The Salvation Army…and they plan to will the house (now quite valuable) to the Army, too. Of Harold thy say, “He is living it. NOT just talking it.” And that’s why they are doing this.

Not just at Christmas, the El Paso County Salvation Army has just completed their mid-year distribution of toys from the Hasbro Toy Company. The company just asked for two promises: that they would not give out any broken toys; and that the toys must be given away on an individual toy basis and not be sold in rummage sales or other promotions.

Toys valued somewhere in excess of $480,000 made countless children happy in the Valley of the Sun, Flagstaff, Ariz., Colorado Springs, Globe, Ariz., as well as El Paso, says County Coordinator Captain Mike Olsen.

Captains Jack and Ann Allemang have written to territorial leaders saying they are willing to assist in relief efforts following the terrible floods in the Czech Republic. Having spent four years there, they felt they could use their familiarity with the terrain and language to be of some help on a short term basis, with responsibilities covered in Salt Lake City, their current assignment. The Allemangs were stationed in Hawaii during Hurricane Iwa and know what it is to have people help.

Major Metta Smith, Longview Temple Corps, Wash., tells of Amber Wheeler’s recent presentation at the Rotary Club. A member of the 1996 Service Corps team, she showed slides to 125 Rotarians who had helped sponsor her trip. The audience listened intently as she showed where she lived, the markets and cathedrals, and told of her impressions of the people. Many left the meeting whistling the tune of the chorus Amber sang, “Give Thanks,” in English and then in Russian.

A group of volunteers recently assisted the Petersburg, Alaska, Corps (Captains Scott and June Nicloy) in collecting, sorting cleaning and packing 150 pounds of clothing and footwear for the Russian Far East. These items, transported by a volunteer work team, were delivered to an orphanage, a Bible school and local pastors for distribution to the needy.

Congratulations to Jim Mallery, planned giving director for the Alaska Division. In addition to being inducted as president of the Mt. McKinley Lions Club for the 1997-98 term, he was honored as the “Lion of the Year” for 1996-97.

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