Frontlines – News Briefs of the West

By Bob Bearchell –

In spite of an increase in aid requests, the West made its Christmas goal and then some. Figures are in for final income and activity. Income from kettles, mail appeal and other sources totaled $23,501,709–an increase of 16 percent. There were 644,429 individuals assisted, a 3.93 percent increase over 1995. This took a lot of innovative collecting and an ever warm-hearted public. Good work by all involved!


Don’t watch TV! That’s the message the week of April 24-30, to encourage Americans to reduce the amount of TV watched. This is to promote richer, healthier and more connected lives, families and communities. Thousands have reported a wide range of benefits, including increased family interaction and community involvement, from turning off the TV.


In Sun City, Ariz., “there is no conception of poverty. You have to look for it,” says Major Glenn Austin (R). Austin and his wife, Major Dolores Austin, have been corps officers here since 1986. The typical Sun City recipient of aid from the Army is a widow over 75 with an extremely limited income and much pride, he says.

“We find an interesting thing once we break through the veneer of people and their pride. They become friends with us, and it becomes a joy for them to come in.” Most people seeking Salvation Army aid find out about it by word-of-mouth or referral. The corps also provides for emergency needs throughout the area, helping pay for prescriptions and medical equipment, and other needs. This aid would not be possible without funds raised by the Sun City Community Fund. God bless the Austin “team!”


What grief is caused by the recent flooding that plagued many parts of this country. Salvation Army disaster relief units from the Carolinas, Kentucky and West Virginia to Ohio, Indiana, North Dakota and Minnesota have done their usual Herculean job of being there on the spot, when needed.


George Walker, of the Chico, Calif., corps, received this year’s Rotary Community Service Award. Captain Ray Yant, Chico corps officer, says they are proud of George and how he has helped promote The Salvation Army as a valued member of the Advisory Board.


Lt. Colonel Jim Sullivan, Clark County Coordinator, wants us to know about Vivian Park, eldest daughter of Captains Justin and Juhie Park (corps officers, Las Vegas Korean Corps). Vivian is presently the student body president of Western High School in Las Vegas. She was recently elected as Lt. Governor in Key Club International Region 16, has a 4.0 grade point average, and is very active in the Las Vegas Corps, the Korean Corps, and Southwest Divisional events. Truly a Salvationist to make us proud!


We are sorry that at doctor’s orders Major Eva den Hartog (R) had to cancel her planned speaking trip to the USA. She is undergoing tests for a number of serious symptoms. Our prayers are with her as she awaits a diagnosis.

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