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by Sue Schumann Warner

…the birth of Jesus itself was of the humblest peasant parentage, in an unimportant town, and in the roughest of buildings. He made a career of rejecting marks of status or privilege: He loved lepers, washed the feet of his disciples, be-friended little children, encouraged women to join his entourage, and, finally, submitted to crucifixion by a foreign power.
Eugene H. Peterson
Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work

Paul & Phil ring bells
No. Calif. radio personalities “Paul and Phil”—Paul Robbins and Phil Cowen—were celebrity bell ringers in Woodland, Calif. recently, where they manned a kettle with Envoy Ken Claeys. We’re told Paul comes from an Army background: his parents were married in their Salvation Army uniforms, his grandparents were SA officers, and his great-grandfather “was a water carrier” for General William Booth.

LA Central feeds body & soul
Early in the morning, dozens of illegal immigrants gather on the corner of Normandie and Fedora in downtown Los Angeles, hoping to be hired for a day of work. Eight soldiers from the Los Angeles Central Corps visited them recently, bringing food and the good news of the Gospel. “It was a great experience to see the happiness that each of these men expressed when we approached them,” said Javier Gaytan.

Bells are guests in Colorado
Lt. Cols. Donald and Debora Bell were special guests at the Colorado Springs Corps on Thanksgiving Sunday. With Divisional Commanders Lt. Cols. Harold and Joann Brodin, they encouraged a spirit of thanksgiving before a traditional Thanksgiving lunch was served. As part of the worship, Youth Ministries Director Dusty Solomon explained why it is good to celebrate Thanksgiving, and Major Joe Hoogstad, El Paso County coordinator, welcomed the guests.

Spokane gives thanks
On November 23, in just 12 hours, The Salvation Army in Spokane, Wash., conducted the single largest Thanks-giving Food Basket distribution—by any organization—throughout the Inland Northwest. Army employees and volunteers served food baskets to 3,606 households (10,643 individuals); over the past year, requests for food in Spokane have risen by 40 percent.

Phoenix serves homeless
In Phoenix, the Army hosted a Thanksgiving dinner at the Wyndham Phoenix Hotel for nearly 2,000 of the Valley’s homeless. Krispy Kreme donated 1,500 doughnuts, served with coffee from an Army canteen before the dinner.
More than 300 volunteers assisted. Steven Hunter, of the Phoenix Suns, donated his time by thanking the volunteers, serving dinner, signing autographs, and mingling with guests. Hunter received his first Christmas gift as a child from The Salvation Army.

New Appointments
Effective Jan. 1, 2005, Majors Darvin and Betty Carpenter, Northwest Divisional Secretaries, are appointed respectively as Divisional Secretary and Second in Command, and Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary in the Western Australia Division, Australia Southern Territory.
Majors Ross and Agnes Hailes, now serving in the Australia Southern Territory, are appointed as Divisional Secretary for Program and Assist. Program Secretary & Older Adult Ministries Secretary, Northwest Division, effective Jan. 2, 2005.

Promoted to Glory

Promoted to Glory

Promoted to Glory Major Cameron Leslie was promoted to Glory on November 17 from

On the Corner

On the Corner

“ …and on earth PEACE …” by Robert Docter –  Words from an angel—even a

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