Frontlines – News Briefs of the West

by Sue Schumann Warner“We know not what part of our work God is going to use in his plans for saving the world: therefore, let it all be good and true.”

The Way of Holiness
Samuel Logan Brengle

Read on for a few examples of the good work Salvationists are doing throughout the West…


Across the San Francisco area, the Army enabled young people and their families to shop for new clothes and school supplies so they could head to school with a dose of self-esteem (and shoes that fit!). Some highlights: San Francisco: The Jessie Street Center was transformed into a “mall” overflowing with cool new clothes from Sears and the Gap. Thanks to record-breaking corporate sponsorship and generous community support from donors, 2,019 kids from 899 families got their pick of brand new duds just in time for the school year.

Santa Clara: Over 100 volunteers helped 243 happy kids pick out new clothes, shoes and school supplies at our “Back-to-School Shopping Spree” at three Mervyn’s stores. San Jose: From the Army’s downtown offices an additional 630 children were provided with $75-100 vouchers for new clothes and supplies.


Captain Edward Hill, Pasadena Tabernacle corps officer, has been awarded a Master of Arts in Christian Education (Youth Ministries) from Azusa Pacific University; Captain Marcia Smith was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Leadership from Azusa Pacific University as well, reports Lt. Colonel Raymond Peacock, SFOT president/principal.


Corps Officer Captain Lex Giron reports that Bakersfield Temple, Calif., participated in the Hispanic Community Parade recently. The parade celebrates the independence days of Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador with a big parade and celebration in the park–complete with mariachis, entertainment, food, games and sales. “Bakersfield Temple had a booth in the park to share about the Army’s programs. We invited people to our church services, and to our children’s and adult programs. Participation was great,” said Giron.



The Berkeley Corps, with assistance from volunteers and the Concord Corps again made a strong statement at this year’s “How Berkeley Can You BE” parade and festival. All along the route, the crowd clapped and cheered for The Salvation Army. At the festival, the Army’s information booth provided cold punch and literature, with balloons and Bible story coloring books given to children. The Concord Corps (c.o. Major Bill Nottle) donated the use of their canteen, driven by coordinator Dean Gray. Special thanks, says Del Zeiger, goes to Guy Savage, Woodland Service Extension volunteer, and soldier Cal Groom.


This year’s Latino Family Camp was a time of inspiration, Christian fellowship and blessing. In all, 460 delegates from 18 Spanish-speaking corps and outposts attended. “Thanks go to Major Mario Reyes and his planning team for a most successful camp,” said Southern Calif. Divisional Commander Lt. Colonel Alfred Van Cleef.


Thanks to the generosity of several donors, 351 volunteers and the leadership of Shealyn York, education director, 2,866 children enjoyed at least one week of summer camp at the Denver Red Shield Corps, report Envoys Ron and Roberta McKinney. Each day the children had breakfast, attended chapel, and had a fun-filled day of activities and field trips.


In our recent story on the promotion to Glory of Major David Patrick, we gave the address to send condolences to as 833 E. Royal Ridge Drive. The correct address is 853 E. Royal Ridge Drive, Oro Valley, AZ 85737. Our sincere apologies.

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