Frontlines – News Briefs of the West

by Sue Schumann Warner“Oh, my comrades, again I say what I have said before–when you see your duty, that is the moment of action. Don’t let that moment slip, and so miss the power of it, for, perchance, you will never be as strong again.”

–William Booth

Read on for a few examples of Savationists and friends who have followed the General’s advice….


Captains Antonio and Aide Horta, Anaheim Temple, Calif. corps officers, report this year’s two-week long “Kingdom of the Son” Vacation Bible School was exciting. “We had the opportunity to share the word of God with approximately 1,235 kids from our community and the barrios. Most were new in the word of God, and we see the harvest is open. Many parents shared the joy and happiness of their children at the closing ceremony,” said Horta.


Captain Isobel Robinson enrolled four members into the Santa Rosa Home League recently. The women made the commitment to join after attending the Home League lunch and membership drive, and enjoying the fellowship and outreach. The new members, Miriam “Kay” Knutson, Etta Urton, Rita Rockwell and Priscilla Mikels, are currently residents of the Santa Rosa Silvercrest.


The Spokane Corps, Wash., held a Family Day at Camp Gifford, with more than 140 attending. Participants included church members, Salvation Army employees and their families, residents of the SAFE Center and Sally’s House, as well as Women’s Auxiliary and advisory board members. A highlight was the dedication of the Millard Jones Memorial flagpole. Millard Jones passed away earlier this year, and his family, including his wife, Mary, a member of the Women’s Auxiliary, bought the flagpole in his memory.


Salvation Army emergency relief teams from the Netherlands, Bavaria and Switzerland engaged in major feeding and clean-up efforts throughout the Czech Republic and the Saxony Region of Eastern Germany during the recent record-breaking floods. Salvation Army mobile canteens from Holland, Germany and Great Britain provided meals and refreshments to workers, sandbaggers, evacuees and those who remained in homes without adequate cooking facilities.

More than 4 million people were affected in Germany alone, with 100,000 forced to flee their homes.


Lt. Colonel Mervyn Morelock writes the Tallinn Mission Service Team arrived safely and soon got to work renovating the corps. “Ours is a crew ready to tackle anything and the changes in the last two days have been remarkable! The grass has been mowed, trees downed or trimmed, the moldy building pressure washed, over 50 post holes of a 100 post fence have been dug. Three huge construction dumpsters have been filled with debris and removed, the overgrown drainage ditch is being cleaned and the overgrown parking lot that we thought had to be enlarged has been discovered intact under overgrowth of weeds to a much larger lot.”

He adds that inside the building: “Heating system plumbing pipes are nearly all in, the sheetrock and taping is well along, tile setters are nearly finished with the kitchen, toilet and shower areas. The plasterers are putting on their finish coats and the exterior plaster repairs are well along.” New Frontier will run a full report upon the team’s return.


Alaska Division–Majors Scott and June Nicloy: Associate Officers – Juneau, AK effective September 11, 2002.

Del Oro Division–Envoys William and Kay Carroll: In-Charge – Vallejo, CA effective September 1, 2002.

Intermountain Division–Envoys Ron and Roberta McKinney: In-Charge – Denver Red Shield, CO, effective July 17, 2002.

Southwest Division (all effective Sept. 18, 2002)–Majors Moises and Maria Hernandez: Corps Officers – Albuquerque Temple, NM; Envoys Daniel J. and Linda M. Matta: Program Assistants – Albuquerque Citadel, NM; Captains Roberto E. and Melissa Viquez: Corps Officers – Phoenix Central, AZ.

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