Front Lines- News Briefs of the west

By Karen Gleason, Editor

Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously

(2 Cor. 9:6).

SAN DIEGO, CALIF.—After studying John 4:13-14—where Jesus encounters the Samaritan woman at the well—a Bible study group from the Centre City Corps distributed 140 bottles of water to the homeless.

Affixed to each bottle was Jesus’ proclamation that he is the living water and every one who drinks from him will never thirst. Reactions were varied.

Though most accepted the water freely, one man wanted to pay for it and another handed it back when he saw the Scripture label.

Corps Officer Elaine Wildman plans to make this a quarterly event.


MERCED, CALIF.—The Merced Corps recently awarded six girls with age appropriate units of the God and Country Award.  These awards go to Sunbeams and Girl Guards after completion of a curriculum of lessons, activities and service projects.

Captain Paula Wild, Golden State divisional guard and Sunbeam director presented the awards to Dakota Barnett, Sierrah Barnett, Lanie Cabrera, Lauren Cabrera, Valerie Noble and Katelyn Sanders.

“We are extremely proud of the hard work…of the girls in our corps,” Youth Director Bryan Cook said. “The fact that these girls worked for more than four months on this award shows great character and commitment to the Lord.”


PORTLAND, ORE.— A woman grieving the loss of a loved one crocheted 200 scarves and donated them to The Salvation Army in the Portland Metro Corps. She requested only that the handmade scarves not be sold, but be given away to those in need.

In addition, The Salvation Army in the Portland area received two substantial grants in March from donors who wanted to support the Army’s programs in the area: Rose E. Tucker bestowed $2,500 for the Salvation Army Female Emergency Shelter (SAFES) project and Pacific Power Foundation donated $2,500 for the Veterans Emergency Transitional Shelter (VETS) program.


COEUR D’ALENE, IDAHO—The Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center’s “Walk the Talk” series for teens—part of the Family and Community education program—aims to motivate youth to be responsible community members by equipping them with strategies to make healthy and powerful decisions.

Center Administrator Major John Chamness said, “Since fall 2010, more than 600 middle and high school parents, teachers and administrators have participated in conversations and activities on topics including bullying and school violence, self confidence, perspective and how to appreciate our differences, identity, service and leadership.”


SANTA BARBARA, CALIF.—The corps partnered with Page Youth Center in its production of Escape to Neverland.

The youth center uses the corps’ facilities for rehearsals and performances and, in return, children from the corps’ programs are invited to join the drama class at no cost.

The play, presented on March 26, included corps youth Cristina Sandoval, Karina Camarillo, Karina Sandoval, Kimberly Silva, and Tiphanie Dixon.

Partnership benefits include: 1) offering a creative opportunity otherwise unaffordable, 2) publicizing the corps, and 3) providing corps officers new relationships—one girl joined the Sunbeam troop and two others


NAOC 2011 is here!

NAOC 2011 is here!

After years of planning and months of hype, The Salvation Army’s 2011 National

Siemon Center benefits from “The Power to Surprise”

Siemon Center benefits from “The Power to Surprise”

LA Clippers present a new Kia to the South Los Angeles youth center

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