front lines/ News briefs of the West

Karen Gleason, Editor

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD (Ps. 27:14 NIV).

SEATTLE—The Seattle Temple Corps’ senior ministry, led by John Magnenat, raised $1,000 to furnish a cow for an African family. The funds were enough to purchase two cows and other provisions.

The group participated in The Salvation Army U.K. International Development program, “Just Gifts,” which provides resources to people in developing countries. Just Gifts offers cows, poultry, goats, pigs and silkworms, along with seed packs, fruit trees and more.

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GRASS VALLEY, CALIF.—The corps received a Community Partner Award from the Nevada County Health and Human Service Agency. Noted for the Booth Family Shelter and Extreme Weather Winter Shelter, The Salvation Army in Grass Valley also collaborates with the county’s Homeless Management Information system and the Continuum to End Homelessness.

Majors Donald and Martha Shepherd are the Grass Valley corps officers.

SAN FRANCISCO MISSION—This past summer, the corps started a day of fasting and prayer at 5 a.m. on Tuesdays at the request of corps senior leaders. The group began with five members; now 10 people meet each week, disciplining themselves to rise early. They pray for growth in people’s lives and for the corps.

Captains Rene and Angela Carcamo are the corps officers.

DENVER—The Denver Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) reached a milestone for the year when its 100th beneficiary, Lindsay, completed phase one of the recovery program. Lindsay conquered heroin addiction, which began when she was 17, and found Christ while at the ARC. Her future plans include returning to college.

Majors Erik and Sylvia Hoogstad are ARC administrator and director of special services, respectively.


PAHRUMP, NEV.—The Salvation Army came to the rescue when Midge Wattles, 22, and Eliza Walker, 21, totaled their car while driving through Death Valley. Neither woman was seriously injured.

The first motorists to stop were Ed and Ollie Williams, of the Pahrump Corps. Ed stayed with their car while Ollie drove them to the nearest town to call emergency responders, since cell service was unavailable. Later, The Salvation Army helped the young women collect their possessions from the destroyed car.

Captains Mark and Monica King are corps officers.


UPDATE—Major Susan Wun, divisional commander for the Hong Kong and Macau Command and one of the West’s overseas officers listed in the Oct. 5 issue of New Frontier, moved to Flat D, G/F; 6 Duke Street; Kowloon, Hong Kong.

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