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By Karen Gleason, Editor

 Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it (Heb. 13:2 NRS).

HOONAH, ALASKA—Lt. Liane Newcomb has been working with others to find shelter—vital with winter coming—for a homeless man, a veteran, who struggles with alcohol. Corps members have taken him food, provided a new sleeping bag and blanket, and transported him to the weekly community lunch. Lately she has seen positive changes in him, and she hopes a local senior housing facility will accept him.

“Although many in the community have written him off,” she said, “God doesn’t write us off no matter where we find ourselves. His love finds us and remains with us one step at a time.”

 PHOENIX, ARIZ.—Last year, when The Salvation Army and Arizona’s Family 3TV teamed up for the 17th annual Big Guy Turkey Drive, they set a record, collecting 5, 125 turkeys and $45,000.

The 18th annual event will take place Nov. 17, and the Army hopes to break that record as they accept turkeys and monetary donations to help feed more than 10,000 local families in need.

Thanks to community support last year, The Salvation Army did not have to spend a penny to provide Thanksgiving meals, allowing funds to go to other projects.

SAN DIEGO—The Kroc Center’s new RJ’s Preschool Academy is up and running with more than 25 students. The center unveiled the program this fall at an open house attended by approximately 50 families.

The school offers innovative curriculum models for reading and writing, extended hours, potty training, free lunch, annual hearing and vision tests, and opportunities for children to explore their potential through swimming, ice skating, art, dance and sports.

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STOCKTON, CALIF.—The Stockton Corps attended the SAY (Salvation Army Youth) rally at the Concord Corps on Oct. 22, where its Sunbeam and Girl Guard troops received the 2010-2011 Standards of Achievement Award for the Del Oro Division. In addition, the troops received a superior rating for uniform inspections and the Adventure Corps earned an excellent rating. The Stockton Corps Singing Company presented a song during the anniversary celebration of an Army donor.

Captains Eric and Jasiel Tumale are the corps officers in Stockton.

MOLOKAI, HAWAII— “I thank God that there is a Salvation Army outpost on Molokai,” said Envoy Georgina Kuahuia. “I know we are reaching people in need.”

The Army, in partnership with the Maui Food Bank, distributes food for 17 agencies on the island. Usually, they receive only two food pallets a month, but somehow, Kuahuia said, “God always multiplies our food resources, so that no child will go hungry no matter what their family circumstances may be. Our wonderful God always meets our needs.”


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