from the desk of… Signs of the times

By James Knaggs, Commissioner

God gives us many indicators that he is involved in what we do and who we are. Just look around. This is an election year where we in America are called to elect the most suitable person to be the leader of our country. The Scriptures indicate that God has something to say on the subject. We need to listen.

The signs that I’m seeing are those of societal choices. What kind of a country do we want, and which candidate can help in that pursuit? I’ve observed plenty of references and positions on specifically religious matters as well as moral choices. I believe the election process presents to us a sign of the times.

The Welcome of Cadets this month too is a sign of the times. Look whom God has called and confirmed. Aren’t they amazing? And there are so many. What does that tell you about the times? It tells me that God is working powerfully through our movement and that Salvationists are responding with holy intention to serve God completely. It tells me there are many more whom he has called. Would that be you?

Another sign of the cadets coming to the College for Officer Training is that it marks the start of another program year in the territory. I’ve been learning of exciting and successful rally days, and the beginnings of new programs with new leaders that energize the mission and ministry of the center and corps. Of course, there are those leaders who are starting another season of activities. We have local leaders who have been doing it for decades and doing it well.

Local leaders are, without a doubt, the backbone of our movement. Their willingness to serve, their creative approaches to their roles, and their faithfulness to the people are all reasons why we should celebrate this season of hope-filled mission.

They too are a sign of the times. We cannot do it without them. We need them as God leads them and calls them to holy service.


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