From the desk of… Burning hearts

By  Tim Foley, Major

Around the Easter season I am always drawn to a passage of Scripture that is considered “post-resurrection”—Jesus talking to the disciples on the Road to Emmaus, found in the 24th chapter of Luke’s Gospel. I have seen many artists’ renditions of what this scenario in Scripture may have looked like, the two disciples walking and talking in a beautiful, pastoral setting. Reading the passage, I can visualize it and imagine their emotions. In my mind’s eye it seems to me quite real and life-like.

Of course the Scripture doesn’t go into all the details as to what might have been said and discussed in those precious moments. The sense of bewilderment and discouragement was evident in the countenance of the disciples. When Jesus—whom they did not recognize—inquired about their state of mind, they basically blew him off. One said to him, “Are you the only one visiting Jerusalem who does not know the things that have happened here in these days?” (Luke 24:18 NIV).

Jesus responds simply to the comment, asking, “What things?” Then they unload, bringing this supposed stranger up to date with the happenings surrounding Jesus of Nazareth. The talking and banter continues, back and forth, leading to an invitation and further discussion over a meal.

When the bread was broken, the passage tells us that their eyes were opened—they recognized Jesus, and then he was gone. He disappeared from their sight.

Stunned yet moved, they responded to each other in perhaps some of the most beautiful phraseology in the totality of Scripture: “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?” (Luke 24:32).


Your soul’s yearning

People are passionate about various things in life: sports, family, politics, video games, movies, becoming rich and famous. Some of that passion gets misdirected, even in Christian circles. What makes your heart burn in the right way? What gets your soul yearning for that which is lasting and full of substance?

At the College for Officer Training, we are not only challenging the cadets to read the Bible but more importantly, to become doers of what it says. When we read the Word of God and stop to reflect on the thoughts contained within the scared spiritual writings, transformation begins to sweep across the soul.

I am looking for more personal moments with Jesus on my own journey. Do I allow his words to sink in, to burn deeply and allow change to be brought forth? Seek to spend time in God’s Word. Allow its words to sink deeply into your soul. Allow the eyes of your heart to be opened anew this day. Allow the Holy Spirit to wash and fill you.


Burning, burning, always burning

Holy Spirit, stay with me

To your will my will is turning,

What you will I want to be.

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