From Desk of… “A journey to India”

By Tim Foley, Major

A few months ago, Western Territorial Chief Secretary Colonel Dave Hudson notified me that I had been invited to be an instructor at a Brengle Institute in the India South Eastern Territory. Major Steve Bradley, Southern California divisional secretary for program, and I went to team teach on the doctrine of holiness to 40 officers and soldiers.

Traveling to India, to be honest, was never on my “bucket list.” But when an opportunity of a lifetime was placed on my lap, I had no other choice but to go! It took us nearly 28 hours to travel to Nagercoil from Los Angeles. It’s difficult to put into words the things that I witnessed, but here are impressions that linger in my mind: oppressive heat, goats eating in the street and everyone stopping for them when they blocked the road, horns honking constantly, trash and the burning of it filling the air, and people…everywhere.

I also experienced a body clock that didn’t know what time it was, cold showers, power outages and sleeping on a bed as hard as the floor.

More than all this, though, I remember smiles, lots of smiles, and the incredible hospitality of the Salvationists in India. They showed devotion to God like I have never seen before. The students at the institute paid attention to every word and each movement we made all day long.

These Salvationists displayed purity; they are honestly seeking with great passion to be more holy in their lives. I was touched by their sincerity and drive to be more like Christ.

They also displayed power. I rubbed shoulders with people who were in touch with real power, Holy Spirit power, in their lives. Power to do the right thing. Power that burst forth in joy. Their joy touched my heart.

I was proud. This worldwide Army of God is an amazing organization. I stood with men and women halfway around the world who are keeping the poor alive through the dollars we send their way.

I reflect on the many lessons I took away with me from this journey halfway around the world. I will never forget the things I witnessed and experienced. My commitment to the teaching of the doctrine of holiness has grown stronger. And my commitment to promoting the global work of The Salvation Army has only grown deeper.

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