Five Named 1997 Frontiersman of the Year

Major Leonard Blix (R)
Though a retired officer, Major Leonard Blix (R) is responsible for the prison ministry in the Cascade Division. He personally oversees religious work among juvenile offenders in Portland, and leads seminars at the Columbia River Correctional Institution to help prisoners prepare for successful lives after their release. In honor of his dedication to this challenging work, Blix is proclaimed a “Frontiersman of the Year.”

Mrs. Irene Ingle
A member of the Advisory Board in Wrangell, Alaska, for 50 years, Irene Ingle is a vital part of the Army’s work in the community. She has also served with the League of Mercy and the Home League for the same period. Well-respected in the community and dedicated to the Army’s ministry, Ingle is a pioneer in every sense of the word, and she is honored with pleasure as a “Frontiersman of the Year.”

Mr. Keith Meisenheimer
Keith Meisenheimer is chairman of the White Shield Center Advisory Council in Portland. As a senior deputy district attorney, he is a tireless advocate for children’s issues, and it is because of this passion he has worked so closely with and in support of The Salvation Army. For his avid support, he is honored as a “Frontiersman of the Year.”

Ms. Ivonne Pierre
Ivonne has been the caseworker for the Redwood City Corps Social Services Department since 1989, bringing the Army to the forefront of San Mateo County’s social service community. A firm believer in meeting the needs of the entire person, she always takes the opportunity to witness to her clients, and this has contributed to the enrollment of 47 soldiers in the corps in less than one year. She is well-deserving of the title, “Frontiersman of the Year.”

Mr. Gerald Miller
As director of the Army’s social services in Salt Lake City since 1982, Gerald Miller oversees the Adult Rehabilitation Program, a community feeding program, and the Family Services Department. He is on a self-declared crusade to better the condition of the homeless in Salt Lake City, and despite his own medical challenges, he has made these programs models for the Western Territory. As a leader in this vital expression of Army ministry, we are pleased to honor Miller as a “Frontiersman of the Year.”

Tucker Joins Order of Distinguished Aux. Service

Tucker Joins Order of Distinguished Aux. Service


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God Provides Congress Victories

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