Extended benefits decision rescinded

Editor’s note: The following statement emerged from the November 12 USA Commissioners’ Conference, convened by tele-conference, as the Army’s current policy in regard to extension of benefits.

“The Salvation Army’s Commissioners’ Conference has continued a review of issues surrounding extended employee benefits, which has included messages received from Salvationists and other members of our constituencies. This issue has always centered on service to people and we deeply regret the perception that the Commissioners’ Conference surrendered any biblical principles in making the original decision.

“This review has resulted in the rescinding of the policy statement ‘Contracts for Government Funding ­ Employment Provisions.’ Today, Nov-ember 12, 2001, the Commissioners’ Conference established a national policy to extend health benefits access to an employee’s spouse and dependent children only.”

The Salvation Army regrets any misunderstandings that the long and difficult decision-making process may have caused. This decision is about employee benefits and should not be confused with Salvation Army hiring policies and practices. The Army seeks to employ the most qualified individual for any position. The Army’s 45,000 employees nationwide reflect diversity representative of any secular organization or corporation of our size.

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