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CANADA—The Salvation Army Gladstone Church serves vulnerable people in the Centretown area of Ottawa, Ontario. Many members are homeless or on the verge of homelessness.

“Captain Ginny” asked the church to support the Partners in Mission program by raising $500 for work in Malawi, Africa. “A penny in Canada isn’t worth much, but it is in Malawi,” she said, asking only for their pennies.

The pennies added up. By the end of the event, the church raised $2,130.



ZAMBIA—Major Beryl Pierce, director of The Salvation Army’s Mitanda Home for the Aged, struggles to maintain the facility and meet clients’ needs. Recently, negotiations began with an individual who wants to rent a corner of the Mitanda property for a filling station and shops. If this transpires, Mitanda will receive enough rent to meet its monthly shortfall and become fully self-supporting. Pray for this plan to become a reality.

From Beryl Pierce


MALAYSIA—The city of Melaka’s “Open Day,” a charity event for The Salvation Army, featured 54 vendors selling food, drinks, plants, clothing and crafts to support the Army.

Chief Minister YB Datuk Latipah binti Omar, a city representative, officiated at the opening ceremony. Later, she visited an exhibition highlighting the Army’s service there. In a speech, she complimented the Army’s good work.

The event raised almost $20,000.



SCOTLAND—The Salvation Army announced a five-year plan to expand the current social work in Scotland’s communities to help combat drug and alcohol abuse.

Phase one will position experienced drug and alcohol workers in three key towns: Greenock, Stirling and Falkirk. Phase two will extend the plan further by developing more satellite hubs across the country.



SINGAPORE—The Bishan Chinese Corps held a dedication ceremony to open its new sanctuary. Territorial Leaders Colonels Lyndon and Bronwyn Buckingham attended, along with Program Secretaries Majors Raelton and Lynn Gibbs.

The celebration included an Old Testament reading, a plaque presentation and prayer. The gospel choir and timbrel group performed.

Daniel Lim’s Bible message from 1 Chronicles 29:10-14, “His sanctuary of glory,” encouraged corps members to know God’s guidance.

From Salvationist


UK—Gloucester Corps Officer Major Adrian Allman participated in a church leaders’ “Great Bake-Off” to launch Christian Aid Week. The bake-off’s motto was  “Bite Back at Hunger.”

Bakers included Allman, Right Rev. Michael Perham, Rev. Noel Sharp, Linda Anderson and Rev. Alison Evans. Allman—scoring 8/10 points—came in second, just behind Sharp with 8.5 points. The cakes were then sold to raise additional money for the campaign.



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