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CHILE—The Salvation Army and the local council of Viña del Mar region signed an agreement permitting six annual social service projects in different parts of the community.

The non-profit group Red de Alimentos helped The Salvation Army distribute more than five tons of food to the people of Achupallas on the same day. Other major donations included 200 pairs of shoes and six cribs for expectant mothers, which were presented at a ceremony by local Mayor Virginia Reginato and Major Hernán Espinoza, of the Central Chile Division.


SPAIN—The Salvation Army in Denía belongs to a group of charities, The Table of Solidarity (La Mesa de Solidaridad), which includes the Evangelical Baptist Church’s program “Lend a Hand” (Extiende tu Mano), Interfaith Faces (Cáritas Interparroquial) and the Red Cross.

The Table of Solidarity has developed a team of volunteers to gather and distribute food and other necessities to residents in need.

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AUSTRALIA—The Salvos Stores in the Australian Southern Territory partnered with MobileMuster to change the planet and humanity.

Most of the stores will feature a MobileMuster collection box for the disposal of old mobiles (cell phones) and accessories. The Salvos will receive $2 for every kilogram (2.2 pounds) collected through their stores. This will keep the estimated 22 million old and unused cell phones in Australia out of landfills while also supporting The Salvation Army.

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 CANADA—When Corps Officer Major Miriam Stevens of Lindsay, Ontario, and Community Ministries Director Rene van der Meijden searched for a new outreach approach, they decided on a program called “Messy Church.”

Whole families attend Messy Church. The kids enjoy crafts and activities while parents share a meal, music and a Bible message. Meetings take place outside normal worship times.

Currently, approximately two-thirds of Messy Church attendees are from the community.

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MEXICO—The Salvation Army La Esperanza Corps in Mexico City hosted a territorial leadership seminar called Liderazgo (Leadership) 20/20. The seminar centered on three themes: following Jesus’ leadership style, discovering our future and advancing together.

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EL SALVADOR—Two Salvation Army children’s centers opened in El Salvador: the Mi Refugio (My Refuge) Children’s Center at the Merliot Corps and the Comedor Infantil in the city of Gualache.

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