El Paso farewells Western Territory

City and county will join the rest of Texzas in the Southern Territory.

by Karen Gleason –

The Salvation Army in El Paso—after decades of service in this Texas county as part of the Western Territory—will transition to the Southern Territory as of July 1, 2010.

The question of which territory would be responsible for El Paso County has been under discussion ever since the formation of the Army’s Southern Territory.

Southwest Divisional Commander Lt. Colonel Doug Danielson explains: “In 1927, when the USA Southern Territory was being formed, that territory did not have officer personnel available with the necessary qualifications to supervise the work of the Booth Home and Hospital then operating in El Paso, Texas. As such, they asked the West to continue with the work in El Paso for one year. That year stretched into 83, until now, in 2010, the time has come for the Southern Territory to receive the ministry of the Army in El Paso.

“Belonging to the rest of Texas, with access to Army and other resources available within that state, The Salvation Army in El Paso will be better positioned to continue the development of services there.

“In general, the soldiery in El Paso is accepting of a change that will benefit the Army’s ministry. The doors to fellowship in both the Southwest Division and the Western Territory will remain open to all in El Paso who wish to share in activities, following bonds that have been forged over these many years.”

Chief Secretary Colonel William Harfoot, who will attend the transition ceremony on June 27, added: “We are always looking for ways to make the ministry of the Army stronger and better. Connecting the work in El Paso, Texas, to the Texas Division will do just that, make our ministry stronger and better. Over 80 years ago the Army got it right when the plan was to locate El Paso with the rest of Texas. Only now are we taking the steps necessary to do what was the right thing in the beginning.”

Look for more about the history of The Salvation Army in El Paso in an upcoming New Frontier.

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