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Salvation Army celebrates National Doughnut Day

Major Janice Williams (right) oversees a kettle in front of Doughboys Donuts.

Salvationists throughout the Western Territory recognized June 6, National Doughnut Day—initiated by The Salvation Army in Chicago—with various events. Founded to encourage fundraising during the Great Depression, Doughnut Day recalls the pastries served by Salvationists to “doughboys”—the soldiers so named because of their love for the treat—during World War I (WWI).

This year in Reno, Nev.—for its first official Doughnut Day—The Salvation Army partnered with Doughboys Donuts, offering a free doughnut with any monetary or clothing donation to the Army. Major Janice Williams, in a replica WWI doughnut girl uniform, greeted customers, thanking them for supporting the event, which was themed “Donations, Doughnuts and Dough to Meet Today’s Needs.”

The Southern California Division teamed up with BakeMark, a company that provides baking supplies to over a thousand independent bakeries and doughnut shops, for a National Doughnut Day celebration that generated a media campaign and a $10,000 donation.

Randy’s Donuts—an iconic doughnut shop whose building has achieved landmark status—hosted the event, which was promoted by two local radio stations. Salvation Army musicians entertained customers, and Army employees dressed in historic doughnut “lassie” uniforms.

Other doughnut shops in the Los Angeles area participated by putting up Salvation Army signs, informing customers of the occasion. Several radio stations promoted the event, informing listeners not only of the connection between the doughnut and The Salvation Army but also of the work the Army is doing today, in their own neighborhoods.

From reports submitted by Major Doug Williams and Robert Brennan

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