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The music directors/coordinators from the divisions in the Western Territory convened for a Territorial Music Committee recently, under the leadership of Territorial Music Secretary James B. Anderson.

I already had the experience of sitting around a table and sharing ideas with the B/M and knew the divisional music leaders were in for an invigorating and thought provoking conference. In addition to discussing business pertaining to the Western Territory music programs, we were fortunate to have B/M Dr. Harold and Songster Leader Priscilla Burgmayer attend as guest clinicians and share with us their vast knowledge and experience of building a thriving and spirit-filled divisional music program.

Dr. Harold Burgmayer has been the divisional music director in the Pendel Division (Eastern Territory) for the past 20 years. Previous to his appointment as the DMD, he was an architect. He is an exceptional speaker, and led discussions on topics such as diverse programming (traditional vs. contemporary), showing us the necessity of not limiting ourselves to one or the other, but blending them into a practical holistic outreach.

He focused on creative expression, utilizing art, drama, and music to attract more youth and incorporating these efforts regularly into worship of the Creator. Priscilla has been a great support to Harold over the years, and is an outstanding leader in her own right. She is the conductor of The Pendel Singers. She gave very helpful advice on the practical development of the Singing Company as well as contributing to issues that Harold addressed.

They also shared their ideas on a competency program, which uses graded teaching material for piano, voice, brass, percussion, and guitar.

All who attended felt it was a most stimulating workshop, which gave them new and varied ideas on how to promote programs in their division.

The three days of workshops and discussion concluded with a chapel service developed by the divisional music directors and coordinators and shared with the cadets of the SFOT.

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