Crucial conference to convene

National Advisory Organizations Conference to be held in Texas in April


Recognizing the importance of advisory organizations to the Army’s ongoing mission to lift “Heart to God and Hand to Man” by Doing the Most Good, Commissioner Israel Gaither, national commander, has directed that the Army’s triennial National Advisory Organizations Conference convene in Dallas, Texas April 26-29, 2007. Gene and Jerry Jones, national advisory board members and owners of the NFL football team Dallas Cowboys will co-chair the event.

“The National Advisory Organizations Conference is second to none in training our advisory organizations members, not only in understanding the mission of The Salvation Army but to help the Army serve the community more effectively. Every advisory board and council chairperson and women’s auxiliary president should be there along with other members of the boards, councils and service extension committees. You won’t want to miss this,” stated Lt. Colonel Donald Bell, territorial chief secretary.

Conference brochures and on-line registration and hotel booking are now available at, according to Major George Hood, national community relations and development secretary. The site includes schedules, principal speakers, workshops, special events and a message from the honorary co-chairs. It also allows delegates to contribute ideas and recommendations for a number of program events.

Bell has directed each territorial command head to establish an NAOC promotion chair and a promotional plan that includes participation from each of the several types of advisory organizations within the command. The territory has also outlined an “incentive plan for attendance.”

For the first time, NAOC will merge with the National Community Relations and Development conference for Army development and public relations professionals. A series of significant mini-camps—workshops and instructional events—are scheduled for this group on the first day. It will also afford NCRD delegates opportunities to get to know many advisory organization members within their divisions on a less formal basis.
Loaded with football metaphors the conference brochure reflects the connection to the Cowboys and the Joneses. A concluding “NAOC Championship Celebration” is slated for the Texas Stadium on the final Saturday night.

The territory has requested commands to assist in the selection of best practices for publication and distribution at the conference as well as the identification of trophies of grace—individuals who have achieved new lives and community effectiveness through Army programs.

Additionally, with the dual idea of providing US advisory organization members increased understanding of the Army roles internationally as well as helping the international Army with concepts related to advisory organization development, the National Advisory Board, also convening in Dallas at this time, has asked every division to “adopt an international delegate” to the conference. An “international salute” is currently in the planning stages.

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