‘Concordia’ echoes through the years

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by Gwen Luttrell, COMMISSIONER – 

Two Swedish delegates –– Kersten and Ruth –– with Gwen Shinn (Luttrell) of Long Beach, Calif.

“Concordia is grand, we’ll sing throughout the land…”
This was the theme song for the 1954 International Girl Guard/Guide encampment held on the Oslo Fjords of Norway, where 1,000 girls from around the world met together for an unforgettable 10-day camping experience.

Reflecting back 50 years later—yes, 50 years—my heart is full of countless memories of friends made, skills acquired and spiritual roots strengthened as a result of this phenomenal experience that was ours.

Twenty-two delegates from the USA West camped out together, cooked meals on an open fire, shared universal fellowship and forged lasting friendships from this unique event.

“Concordia is grand…” echoed across the fields as we formed a friendship circle at the final ceremony and thanked God for this incredible international encampment.

Out of this delegation eight became Salvation Army officers and many others still continue to serve God in the Army throughout the territory and to participate in the fine character-building program known as Girl Guards.

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